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The ups and downs of social networking

October 12, 2009 1 comment

Social networking once meant meeting people face to face, sitting down and having a coffee. And it still does. Though the meaning of social networking has merely grown as lot of us have come to use social networking sites online. We read our friends profile pages, make comments and reply to the comments of others.

While some may believe that online social networking is a complete waste of time, studies have shown that using new media to socialize (whether on MySpace, Facebook, or in chatrooms) gives us better technological and literary skills to succeed in the contemporary world of new media.

But are these sites necessarily a good thing? A recent comment by a leader of the Catholic Church in England says that they aren’t.

He says that social networking sites lead us to develop brief relationships that lead us to feel suicidal.

While I admit that I’ve had random conversations with people I don’t know on the web, I don’t think that social networking sites equal suicide.

I’m no expert, but I think that most people use social networking sites to socialize with people that they already know and occasionally people they don’t.

How does social networking make you feel? What do you use social networking for?


Use the web to understand it

August 5, 2009 2 comments

After reading all of the set readings this week, I was most influenced by the article written by Scott Karp on Publishing 2.0 titled ‘The Only Way For Journalists To Understand The Web Is To Use It‘.

Karp is right when he says that the only way to understand the web and web writing is to get involved in web publishing. So while I had to start a blog as part of my assessment, I also decided to get more involved in other forms of web publishing.

While I’ve heard of twitter as a result of many celebrities and politicians using it. Today, I finally signed up to it.

It was different to other social networking sites that I’ve been to. I signed up and within seconds, people I don’t know started following me even though I hadn’t made any tweets.

Also interesting to know is that twitter was recently valued by an independent research firm, NeXt Up Research, at $441M-589M.

I thought this kind of related to what Sarah asked us in class about how youtube makes money and that advertising is unlikely to cover the costs of running the site. So I found it kind of strange that twitter turned down Facebook’s offer to buy it for $500M last October, especially since some suggest that sites like Facebook and MySpace are its biggest competition, and since many people still don’t know what twitter is.