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For those who want their blogs to be read by more than their friends and family

October 19, 2009 1 comment

This will be the last blog post that I write for this class and I thought that after spending a semester writing blog entries, where does that leave us?

I’ve kind of become accustomed to writing one every week, so I thought, how can I transfer the skills that we’ve learned in class into the real world?

I realised that in order to be read by people other than our family or friends, we need to do more than simply produce great content because good content doesn’t necessarily translate into an audience. First we need to determine our audience and then find ways to reach them. I found a great article by Darren Rowse about 9 things that bloggers can do to be read by someone other than their mom and I just thought that I’d share the link.

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Is today’s blog modelled on yesterday’s newspaper?

October 14, 2009 5 comments

Who do you think can be called a journalist?

There are those who think that “real” journalists sit in offices, publish impressive layouts and have been credited with a sense of trust. It is this notion of credibility and trust that has got people debating about whether citizen journalism is a valid form of journalism.

However, if we go back to the creation of newspapers, we’ll find that those now large corporations once grew out of small groups, families and individuals of concerned citizens who wanted their voices heard. For instance, the New York Herald was founded in 1835 as an American newspaper that proclaimed complete political independence, which was different to other newspapers during that time.

Although, blogs are different to traditional ideas of journalism. Bloggers may not have all of the skills, or know-how, or the contacts that professional journalists have, but they do offer something more. Their opinions generally aren’t restricted by their editors or seniors because they have none. And they have the capacity to simply offer what they believe and contribute to public discussion in new and innovative ways (even if this isn’t always the case).

What I’m trying to say is that both blogs and newspapers originated with people, who wanted to publicize their views and be heard in the public domain, and it is only right that those who discredit blogs and citizen journalists begin to see that.

Here’s a great video explaining what exactly ‘citizen journalism‘ is.

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How to write more interesting blogs

August 4, 2009 4 comments

As I said in my first post, I’ve never written a blog before, and as you can probably tell by my first post, I’m not that good at it…

So I Googled ‘blogs’ and how to write them. I read through a couple of other people’s blogs, and then I found a website called ‘problogger‘, which is basically like a blogging 101 for beginners.

So from my understanding, blogs need to be scannable, concise, and straight to the point. Like this.

An interesting fact that I came across on the same website, was that the average reader generally spends only 96 seconds reading the average blog, according to a mini study that problogger conducted.

Then I looked on youtube and I found something kind of useful for people like me who want to write a decent blog. It’s titled ‘6 ways to write more interesting blog posts‘.

It’s a starting point, I guess..

If you have any other ideas about how to make blogs more interesting, feel free to comment.

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