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The death of the newspaper?

As a media student, I’ve encountered readings, lectures, books and articles predicting the death of the newspaper. Some have talked about how the internet or other new media will take over the newspapers role. They say it’s only a matter of time.

But are we really approaching the death of the newspaper? And if we are, is there anything that we can do to save it?

Maybe all we need is change. Or a fresh way to look at an old idea.

Take the television, for example. The clunky analog televisions are now beginning to be replaced by the slim and sleek digital ones. Not to mention, all of the supporting improvements which have made the television more useful and appealing, like VHS, VCD, DVD, and now Blu-ray discs.

Or take another example. The internet, for instance, was used by few until the World Wide Web was developed to make it user-friendly.

Many information mediums have undergone repairs to make them more applicable as times change. Perhaps we’ve just been thinking about the whole newspaper situation in a constrained way. Maybe all that the newspaper needs is a transformation.

Taking a clue from the television and Internet, newspapers would need to become more useful and visually appealing.

I think Jacek Utko has found a solution to the design aspect. He’s increased newspaper circulation in various countries across Europe. Take a peek at the clip below and you’ll see that the newspaper may have a future after all. Perhaps, it’s just not the one that some had envisioned.

What do you think? Does the newspaper have a future? Check out my poll, post what you think, and see what others have said.

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  1. August 17, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Great choice of video – I’m a huge fan of TED talks. 🙂
    And, a poll, excellent! I think newspapers can be saved, but they’re going to change a hell of a lot, and hopefully they’ll move to electronic paper too. 🙂

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